Who Got Poisoned?

Do you have a food safety story to tell? Do you have a food safety violation to report? Have you noticed any spectacular sight at a food factory, party, market, restaurant, or any other point along the food chain? We want to know all about it : the good, the bad and the ugly.

Who Got Poisoned? is a website for reporting food poisoning and food safety violation cases. The primary aim is to make it possible to trace food poisoning cases to their sources and be able to detect food-related disease outbreaks before they occur.

Because we know that many other poisoning experiences are related to food poisoning, we ensure that such cases are reported too. So you have the chance to report food poisoning, allergies, drug reactions, animal foodborne illnesses, as well as feed and feedmill contamination and food safety violations.

With the incessant outbreak of diseases such as cholera, ebola, lassa fever, and most recently, coronavirus, every food poisoning experience or food safety violation should be reported.

Did you eat contaminated food?

Report it now!

Kindly upload your photo or video with a full report here: http://www.whogotpoisoned.com