Self Poisoning 101

Having lost so much to food poisoning in terms of time, money and wellness, many have come to understand that a seemingly small food safety mistake may have life-threatening consequences. Such is the case of Sheila, a mother of three: Crawling to the bathroom, too weak to stand, she clutched her belly and tried desperately […]

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Done being a Guinea Pig

Given the horrors that are in our food, I am no longer surprised at the incessant rise in uncontrollable/untreatable diseases.

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Challenges of Consuming Road-Side Meat

People love munching while travelling and road-side meat is relished by a vast majority. From suya, to balangu and asun, to grilled chicken, meat floss (dambunama) and kilishi, including shawarma and meat pie, meat treats can be bought and consumed on the go. Kilishi and grilled chicken….yum!

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Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria. They are used in both human and veterinary medicine to fight infections. While antibiotics have played critical roles in animal food production and human health, overuse has led to the increase in resistance of bacteria to these drugs.

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Baby Animals as Potential Sources Of Infection

Puppies are cute, if you ask me; so fluffy and lovely in the first few days and weeks of life. Children love cuddling and kissing them and parents often allow them to do so as a way of connecting with nature. They seem harmless and I also find them irresistibly cuddly but these sweet darlings […]

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