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coronavirus on palm

Covid-19 in Nigeria: what are the food safety implications?

Following the discovery of the first case of corona virus, and subsequent positive result in about forty (40) persons, it has become apparent that the priority of the government should be the containment of the virus and prevention of further spread in the country. The focus on medical intervention to contain and prevent further spread […]

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Agrochemicals- are they our new weapons of self destruction?

It is saddening to note that chemical poisoning has become more rampant than ever before. Food producers add all kinds of illicit chemicals to food in order to make more profit or to protect their goods. Our fruits are mostly poisons on display. How exactly did we get here? How did we become a nation […]

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June 7 is World Food Safety Day!

The world now has a Food Safety Day! On December 20, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed June 7 as World Food Safety Day. Starting from 2019, we will officially celebrate Food Safety on this Day! What does this mean for Nigeria? In a country where majority spare no thought for the safety of […]

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