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Everyday, all over the world, there are incidences relating to the safety of the food we consume. Food Safety Switch is a non-governmental organization that seeks to encourage every stakeholder in the food industry to develop and maintain a culture that values safe food. We promote public health by encouraging a switch from poor to safe food choices, from farm to fork.

This site features breaking news in the food industry, results of food safety researches, interviews, webinars and of course, our opinion on various food safety concerns and safe food handling practices. We hope that this platform brings about improvement in food-safety related behaviours in Nigeria.

What is your most compelling food experience?

People eat for different purposes and experiences at tables vary. We will like to know about these experiences. What is your most compelling food memory? What makes it unforgettable? Sometimes it is the taste and feeling we get from the food; some other times, it is the events surrounding the meal and at other times, it is the safety issues that make the meal unforgettable. Which food did you eat that sent you running to the rest room and which one made you vomit so much you promised yourself it was a no-go area for ever? Which party food did you give your child that kept the family at the hospital for days? Share your food experiences with us in the comment section below.

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