Done being a Guinea Pig


Done being a Guinea Pig

Given the horrors that are in our food, I am no longer surprised at the incessant rise in uncontrollable/untreatable diseases.

Do people think you are a fad or that you go overboard when you consistently make healthy choices? You are not alone. Along with many other people who have made up their minds to eat healthy, I am done being a guinea pig. I am done being used as an experimental animal to see what best fills the pockets of blood some producers who care less about the effects of their products on consumers. Unexplainable illnesses and deaths have become the order of the day.

Have you made a switch?

There is always a better option. Wise people are switching to safe alternatives everyday. Are you doing the same?

It gives me great pleasure to record my experiences as I make better food choices for my family and I strongly advice you to do the same. When you record the changes you make, it gives you an opportunity to monitor your own progress and celebrate little successes as we travel this road together.

Kunbi Omotoso

Promoting safe food choices in Nigeria

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