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Covid-19 in Nigeria: what are the food safety implications?

Following the discovery of the first case of corona virus, and subsequent positive result in about forty (40) persons, it has become apparent that the priority of the government should be the containment of the virus and prevention of further spread in the country. The focus on medical intervention to contain and prevent further spread […]

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How to avoid food poisoning this Christmas

A wonderful Christmas celebration can quickly turn sour if we neglect the all-too-important issue of food safety.

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How to remove pesticides from your fruits and vegetables

A lot of people wonder how they can remove pesticides from their fruits and vegetables. If you are one of them, I have good news for you. This post highlights six proven DIY ways of removing pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Although you cannot completely remove pesticides from your food, you will be sure to […]

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Agrochemicals- are they our new weapons of self destruction?

It is saddening to note that chemical poisoning has become more rampant than ever before. Food producers add all kinds of illicit chemicals to food in order to make more profit or to protect their goods. Our fruits are mostly poisons on display. How exactly did we get here? How did we become a nation […]

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June 7 is World Food Safety Day!

The world now has a Food Safety Day! On December 20, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed June 7 as World Food Safety Day. Starting from 2019, we will officially celebrate Food Safety on this Day! What does this mean for Nigeria? In a country where majority spare no thought for the safety of […]

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delicious food is dangerous without safety

A World Food Safety Day is on the Horizon!

We may have a World Food Safety Day Soon! The Federal Government of Nigeria continues to show commitment to achieving food security within the next few years. While adequate food supply is vital to human survival, food safety is needed to avoid

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How does a nation fare without regular food recalls?

I woke up this morning with a feeling of nausea. No, I am not ill; I am just sickened by the thought of consuming foods that should not be on the shelf in the first place. My chain of thoughts took me through the many food hazards that people fall prey to everyday- biological, chemical […]

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Listeria outbreak in South Africa

South Africa’s Listeria tragedy: Nigeria’s wake-up call Beating world records is exciting but certainly not when it has to do with having the worst outbreak of a food-borne illness in history. The recent outbreak of Listeria in South Africa holds many lessons and warnings for Nigeria. The 14-month long outbreak, which affected almost 1000 people […]

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What is in our crayfish?

The rich Nigerian taste and aroma associated with the use of crayfish in our dishes and delicacies is under threat. Or should I say our health is under threat? We eat crayfish a lot but what I have noticed recently has made me wonder more than a few times, ‘what is in our crayfish that […]

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Food safety tips for the holidays

Food safety tips for the holidays At no other time in the nation are more chickens consumed than the Christmas season. This is usually a period of rejoicing and feasting for everyone but feasting can quickly turn sour if guests and family members become ill as a result of the food they consume. Food borne […]

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